Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm looking for a few good authors.

Hey, all.

So, as I get ready to zip off on an international tour - well, Canada - I want to throw this out to everyone: Writers and non-writers alike.

Writers: Who here would like to be an author. I want to keep posting, but I also want other opinions and viewpoints here. Any writer would like to post, this is an invitation.

Artists (and writers): You remain welcome here, anonymous or not. It's yet to get super personal and the points you bring up are good. Peridoically, I learn something. I'd love some direction on the kind of things you'd love to see writers 'blog about, even if you are just teeing it up for flaming.
I had a lunch today with an artist friend who opened my eyes to a theory on voice direction that I had never thought of before. It will absolutely help me cast everything I do in the future - in both the cartoons I do AND the live action show I have going.
I'd love more of that here.

- Steve, who is so tired I accidentally almost ate a dog treat


C.L. Young said...

I'll do it.

v tonic said...

Wow... this post scared everyone away.

(tumbleweed rolls by...)