Friday, May 30, 2008

Falling Hare: Update

Hey there!

Okay, so... you're probably wondering what's up.   First, the obligatory preamble.

Seven scripts went to Stephen Worth with the caveat of "read this when you have time."  They were messengered over - scrubbed clean of any identity - and he has them.  At his leisure, he will read them.

Then, he'll let me know which script he felt best took the cartoon and backward engineered it into script form.     I have my choice, but that's not the contest.

Once a winner is picked, I will reach out to that person and see if they're okay with their work being scanned, and uploaded, as a PDF file. 

Part of my radio silence has been a little bit of good news which I'll share with anyone who wants to shoot me an E-mail.  

With that, have good weekends...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update: Reading this weekend

Honestly, that's it.  


Saturday, May 3, 2008

The scripts are in!

And there are thousands of them!

Okay, honestly, it's less than that.  You know who you guys (and gals) are. :)

Here's what's up:

1)  I will read them, remove any hint of identity (which means I probably have to cut and paste and lay them into another document, because a clever reader could do a CONTROL-I and figure out where it came from)

2)  I will forward the best (in my opinion) of the bunch to Stephen Worth, along with my first, second and third place.

3)  The winner will be announced here - and that script will be placed up here (anonymous)

Keeping you posted!