Saturday, May 3, 2008

The scripts are in!

And there are thousands of them!

Okay, honestly, it's less than that.  You know who you guys (and gals) are. :)

Here's what's up:

1)  I will read them, remove any hint of identity (which means I probably have to cut and paste and lay them into another document, because a clever reader could do a CONTROL-I and figure out where it came from)

2)  I will forward the best (in my opinion) of the bunch to Stephen Worth, along with my first, second and third place.

3)  The winner will be announced here - and that script will be placed up here (anonymous)

Keeping you posted!


Bitter Animator said...

Out of curiosity, are the entries from actual working writers of animation?

Anonymous said...

Sending them all to Mr. Worth would make more sense; he is, after all, the judge of their worth in this contest.

Steve said...

Naw, see... this is a team effort. Proof that two sides of the coin can work together. Oh, and the money's coming out of my pocket. :)

So, first me, then him.

And to answer the previous question: Some of the entries have been from professionals, some have not. It's been interesting.

I'll be done with my pass in a few days - it's got to fit in with the other reading I need to do for my actual job - and then Stephen will get the stuff.