Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three hours!

And then, the phone lines are closed.

If you haven't voted for your idol, and they're voted off, you have nobody to blame but yourself.


Wait, you know what I mean.


Bitter Animator said...

Even with jury duty, this is taking an embarrasing amount of time.

I admire writers and love that you've set up a blog for animation writers but, man, the stench of death in the air only seems to fuel the speculation of the pencil-folk that nobody in the writing end of animation cares a damn.

I look forward to seeing the results of the competition.

Steve said...

Hey. Bitter. Unfair.

Between Jury duty, and connecting with Steven, this thing dragged out.

But I take responsibility for that. I'm the one the one that assumed a lack of interest and, right about the same time I realized he would be involved, got taken off the playing field.

Yeah, it's taken a while. Then again, so what? Ain't no deadlines either - it's not like we have to hurry up and ship to Korea.

I'm just waking up. But I'll be posting about the types of entries and the fact that - YES - the contest is moving forward, later today.