Friday, May 30, 2008

Falling Hare: Update

Hey there!

Okay, so... you're probably wondering what's up.   First, the obligatory preamble.

Seven scripts went to Stephen Worth with the caveat of "read this when you have time."  They were messengered over - scrubbed clean of any identity - and he has them.  At his leisure, he will read them.

Then, he'll let me know which script he felt best took the cartoon and backward engineered it into script form.     I have my choice, but that's not the contest.

Once a winner is picked, I will reach out to that person and see if they're okay with their work being scanned, and uploaded, as a PDF file. 

Part of my radio silence has been a little bit of good news which I'll share with anyone who wants to shoot me an E-mail.  

With that, have good weekends...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Steve! It would be great if those seven scripts could be posted somewhere... for all to read... hint hint.. possible?

Steve said...

Well, here's what I've promised:

The winner is posted - anonymously, unless they want otherwise.

But the people NOT chosen - I'll post their stuff if I am given permission, but only if given permission. Otherwise, not.

This may have taken forever, but I do plan on keeping my word.


Bitter Animator said...

Good news? Should I take it from the email bit that it's only people who know you who would get anything from the news?

I'm still interested to see the results of this competition. But, you know, even speaking as an animator and being aware of that ol' artist versus writer campaign, I can't help feeling this is a trap.

I mean, animators and cartoonists have their strengths, writers have theirs. I think you're being asked to achieve something that anybody from the drawing end is going to condemn no matter how well you do it.

Which is unfair to writers.

Once this is done, perhaps you can challenge the cartoonists to structure an eleven-minute sitcom-style animated farce and see if they can actually make it funnier than a talented writer.

Anonymous said...

steve - what happened to that whole 'cartoon' vs 'animated show' scientific analysis you were going to illuminate us all with?

Steve said...

Its a valid question. Stephen Worth has the scripts, I await his input. Zero pressure on his clock tho, I certainly took my time.

As soon as he and I connect about his favorite, this continues.