Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We animation folk are an honest lot.

So, to start the story, Jack Thomas put the "over under" at $150.

To reserve the Gordon Biersch, I had to slap my credit card down and guarantee a certain amount of boozing and dining would happen. $700 worth, to be exact. I figured, with 80 people RSVPing, that wouldn't be an issue.

But when I arrived at Biersch, they informed me there would be one check for everyone -- which put me in the position: Trust my animation brothers and sisters to chip in on appropriate levels, or raise a stink.

I trusted my kinfolk.

So the evening starts at 6:20 - I get there early to connect with the Biersch folk - and run into Stan Berkowitz and his lovely wife. Word was spread: Anything not paid for becomes the responsibility of Marmel Dynamics (My loan out company), and a small wicker basket was placed out for people to toss what they felt they drank, ate or whatever into it.

Like Church, I suppose, but with funnier people.

Here's the math.

The bill was 849.00, not counting monies paid via credit card.

I probably enjoyed about 40 bucks of food and drink, two people who work on the same floor as me at Frank G. Wells promised another 40 between the two of them, I paid $7 to the nice valet people and I picked up the tab of the nice lady from the WGA who came out to meet animation professionals.

That means I needed to pick up $742 in cash to break even. I picked up, I shit you not, $723.

The pot was off by 19 bucks. I can live with this.

So while everyone is arguing about money, and a bunch of animation professionals converged on Gordon Biersch to eat, drink and be curmudgeony... everyone was talking about residuals and strikes...

...everyone had a good time and pitched in their fair share.

I know things are more complicated than that.

But then again, maybe it's as simple as that as well.

Thanks for not sticking me with the tab, guys. See you all in three or four months.


- Steve


Kurt Weldon said...

19 Bucks? I've been stuck with that on much smaller tabs. I think there is some arcane law of physics that the pot will always be off by 19 bucks. I think Werner Heisenberg may have been the first to notice it, which is why other physicists stopped inviting him anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Steve- YOU ROCK! Sorry I couldn't make it, but I'll try my best to be at one of the next ones. (you know.. kids.. all wonderful distractions from me getting my drink on)

Zac Moncrief (too olazy to log in)

Anonymous said...

From Kevin Hopps: Steve... Thanks for playing host... and for being so trusting... it was a great time.

Steve said...

Yeah, it was a good time.

It was nice to have a few artists there... I really want the next one to be all animation writers... Board writers and script writers.

We share the same goals, honestly. It's impaired that there's such animosity.