Thursday, February 21, 2008

Script That Classic Update

Hey guys.  Quick update.

1)  Some scripts coming in.  Would like to see a lot more.  I'm going to set a deadline for script entry:  Monday, March 31st.  (I'm out of town a lot in March)

2)  I am still discussing this with Steve Worth.  We'll be chatting later in this month about his role in this.  It's important to me that the ASIFA ARCHIVE be the judge of a good script.  That's my point.  But "none of the above" and "they all suck" is not an acceptable answer.

So... Rules still apply!
Contest is still on!
Solid dates in place!

Scripts sent to


Anonymous said...

you could draw what was happening. well not you maybe. someone else though.

Anonymous said...

you're actually paying random people that walk up to you on the sidewalk to pee on art. wow.

Matt Wayne said...

wow, anonymous. you peed on writers working to develop their craft. bet you can't draw, either.

Anonymous said...

craft in what exactly? retro-fitting? please, leave that to bridge inspectors. if it is artistic legitimacy you seek, stop pretending you have a time machine. join the zeitgeist like the rest of us mortals.

Steve said...

Wow. You used the word "zeitgeist" in an art debate.

You must be the smartest person ever in the history of everything.