Sunday, November 11, 2007

A big congratulations to Nicole Dubuc and Matt Wayne

For getting on the 839 Executive Board. And big old props to Nicole Dubuc for being a trustee, which is reserved for the top three vote getters.

Remember, the fate of bringing script writers and artists together now rests in your hands.


I kid, I kid!

Seriously, we ("Script writers") wanted a voice on the board, and we got not one, but two. No shenanigans at all. Maybe that's the start of the whole "Changing things from within our own union" thing that we beat to death on this board.

Again, no pressure.


I'm serious! I'm serious!

Thanks for taking on the responsibilities guys.

- Steve

P.S. Once you solve the writer/artist rift, we'll send you something easier to handle like the Middle East.


Matt Wayne said...

Thanks Steve! I promise to work in the membership's interest. Assuming there's no chance of getting kneecapped.

Anonymous said...

Steve, do you consider that Earl Kress, TAGs Vice President, isn't and hasn't been a voice for script writers on the executive board?

Steve said...

Earl Kress. Good Guy. Not taking the bait.

Personally? I think we're at a watershed moment for TAG. Maybe I'm nuts but, between the WGA strike and the debates about what constitutes writing in animation, all I care about is "now" and "tomorrow."

If I wanted to live in the past, I'd post my bio up here. (Snark intentional)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't bait. You wrote "we wanted a voice on the board, and we got not one, but two." No, you now have three script writers on the board. You've had a script writer on the TAG board for several terms, and you've had more than that on the negotiating committees for the last several CBAs.