Monday, November 19, 2007

"The gift cards were a hit"

That, from Andrew Goldberg, who organized the assistants picket.

We donated 150 $6 gift cards to 150 assistants who were affected by the strike.

Good job, you guys!

- Steve


Anonymous said...

Slightly of topic
Just Read this on the TAG blog.

Anonymous said...

After a stellar eighty percent gain in profits from its cable division, Viacom has decided to reward it's production staff at Nickelodeon by taking away their matching 401K funds, killing their pension plan, reducing their health care choices, and of course removing a third of their vacation and half of their sick days.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Steve said...


A bummer.

The flipside is, Im deep frying a turkey.

Does that balance?

Anonymous said...

Hitting the sauce again?

Anonymous said...

So next month when all those 'assistants' can't make their mortgage payments thay can look at those $6 gift cards and say to themselves "the witers really care about us!"
I'm sure, being the generous tyupes that you guys are, if you get an increase in residuals will be glad to give the 'assistants' some of that cash to show that support isn't a one-way street. Right?

Steve said...

Wow, you're quite the anus, aren't you?

Have you considered moving to Georgia? There's a drought there.

If you're going to rain on something, I'd suggest not raining on good will and doing it someplace where it could help.

cpo snarky said...

Again, anonymous, let's make this clear: The majority of writers who post here do not receive residuals. We're 839, just like you. We did something nice for the assistants because it was a nice thing to do. Don't bother trying to process that sentiment; it will only give you dizzy spells.

As usual, you continue to be about as relevant as a fart in a stockyard.