Friday, December 28, 2007

It's not good.

Even if Letterman spends 60 minutes an episode making fun of the AMPTP for their antics, tactics and tantrum...'s still brought us the writer-free return of Leno, Conan, The Daily Show and Colbert. (How is Colbert going to play a character when that character isn't him? How does he do that and not write it?)

At least the NFL network got a big dose of "screw you and your alleged monopoly" this week. Somebody got told that regardless of their power, they couldn't just do whatever they wanted to.

Shame that windsurfing idiot John Kerry couldn't have a little more passion about the television industry as a whole, as opposed to one f***ing football game. But hey! Look! Our government cares about something! Sort of.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the fact that Leno, Conan, the Daily Show, Colbert becoming scab productions is not good. But I think the talk shows would have gone back in January anyway. I thought that one or two of them would have stayed out on principle. (The old Jack Parr certainly would not have been told by the bosses what to do.)

What would have been the response in the best of all possible (union) worlds would have been strong picket lines supported by all unions that could not have been crossed. But I am dreaming of Joe Hill or of a real union movement.

By the way I wrote a post at my blog called The WGA and the Attempt to Organize the Unorganized: Anti-union misconceptions about some common misconceptions that demanding animation or reality show recognition at the bargaining table is somehow "crazy."

Steve Hulett said...

So ... does this '07 strike have the trajectory of the '88 strike?

1988: WGA goes on strike. Carson returns (writing his own monologues.)

WGA settles.

2007: WGA goes on strike. Jay, Conan, and the rest return. Letterman's writers writing, everybody else adlibbing?

WGA ... ???