Friday, December 7, 2007


You're fighting over animation?

I had no idea, and nobody contacted me.

Maybe, by those standards, I'm already in!


Anonymous said...

We're only fodder. Something they can take off the table during negotiations.

Anonymous said...

I hope not, but for sure it's a possibility. Or alternatively they may mean well, but just don't have the leverage to make it happen. Isn't there a way to organize, on the down low, so that enough people from every show at every company signs their cards at the same time, rather than doing it one show at a time and everyone gets fired from that one show?

Anonymous said...

Other than a few - like Mark Evanier - you are indeed fodder. When a live-action writer works in animation they consider it slummimg especially when they have all these 'story' artists telling them how to do their job. They do it out of need not desire or they feel it will lead to a better deal with the live-action division of the company that hired them.