Monday, January 7, 2008

Is the Simpsons Trying To Be Family Guy Now?

The above clip is pretty funny.

The below clip will be offline soon, I'm sure, but still:

So in this episode, you can see:

Jon Stewart and Krusty.
Dan Rather doing backflips, like Adam West might.
There's a parody of political ad.
A shot at Dennis Kucinich.
A Mayor McCheese joke.
Regan and FDR fighting in a crossfire parody.
A Duran Duran video.
An act break that ends with a weird non-sequitor that we know will end in murder.

I dunno.

The Simpsons doesn't flow like that to me. Which is not to say it can't be funny. The old media is dead clip IS funny. But... it's a slower funny than family guy. Homer is slower than Peter, Lois is faster than marge.

The FG jokes are meaner, much meaner, which I like.

It was a new episode, and I watched it... mostly because there isn't a lot of new scripted television these days. But... I wasn't very fond of this.

I like my Simpsons to be Simpsonsy... (Early first decade, to be fair, but still) and my Family Guy to be Family Guyish... and never should the 'twain meet.

- Steve


Anonymous said...

Simpsons used those hack comedy devices long before Family Guy. Family Guy is just more blatant about it. The fact is Simpsons hasn't been funny in years and Family Guy was never funny to begin with.

Steve said...

Well, I disagree with the family guy comment, but that's me.

And, um... Millions.


Anonymous said...

No, Family Guy will never be as funny as The Simpsons has ever have. The Simpsons will stay classic just as Itchy & Scratchy. Family Guy's jokes are more for "kids" while The Simpsons contain alot of adult jokes, and by that I mean there are jokes that "kids" don't tend to get but others do. And yes, Family Guy DOES contain alot of adult jokes but they're shown in an inappropriate manner, that is why I say their jokes are more for "kids". And that's what makes The Simpsons so good, because it's for all audiences.