Sunday, March 4, 2007

Awrighty... The Task for this week:

What cartoon do you like because of the writing, and why?

Don't say because it's pretty, because that's not the point of the post.

It's either well written action, comedy, drama... whatever. The drawings can look like ass for all I care (in this post). I'm simply wondering... what cartoon do you turn on (download, watch via the web) because of the words?


Animation_creep said...


I like futurama because it makes me laugh so hard I pee, but at the same time has the ability to make me cry.

All seriousness though, every episode of every season of futurama is hilarious and has a few that spark a tear or two. It also has plots that keep you interested, jokes that carry on into other seasons, amazingly interesting characters and witty satire. The writing is amazing! I’d be amazed if anyone could name better.

Step said...

If I had to pick an absolute favorite, I would have to go with Animaniacs. I have yet to find a cartoon that made me laugh as hard as that show did. Ten years after it's demise, my friends and I still have little inside jokes that relate back to Animaniacs ("Would you like to take a survey? Do you like beans?"). Was it one of the stupidest shows ever written? Undoubtedly. But it was funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

this site is vapid

Steve said...

Well, some of the topics might be vapid... but I'm also not ranting for the sake of ranting.

Shows where the writing makes me laugh:

South Park - for it's commentary.
Family Guy - for it's velocity and cruelty.

Venture Brothers - Because aside from being a really hilarious parody / homage to Jonny Quest, the thing has a super tight mythology and story arc.

Anonymous said...

Eugene said...

Kim Possible - because story editor Tom Hart is hysterical. But I hate how much more talented he is than me.

The Replacements - because it makes me laugh. And because Jack Thomas could use that lawyer brain of his to sue me into oblivion.

Ben 10 - because it's big hero fun. Put a bunch of great writers, like Tom Pugsley & Greg Klein, Marty Isenberg, and Greg Weisman, and then let 'em carry the rock.

Charlotte said...

While I undoubtedly try my friends' patience by devoting waaay too much of any given conversation to quotes from SOUTH PARK, old school SIMPSONS, SPONGEBOB, FAIRLY ODD PARENTS, and KIM POSSIBLE ("You think your lemon sqaures are all that, but they're not!"), I do have a secret love. It isn't cool to admit it--but I've never been cool before so why start now? EMPEROR'S NEW SCHOOL: the most under-respected animation writing on television at the moment, IMO. The current state of THE SIMPSONS could use their help!

Anonymous said...

every show you just named with the exception of south park is absolutely horrible
emperors new school is absolutely one of the worst things ever
terrible movie
terrible show
horrible writing on both

Anonymous Sucks said...

Hey Anonymous?

They have this thing called punctuation now. All the cool writers are using it. Once you master that, you can move onto the next step and learn to capitalize sentences.

Go back to toonzone or aintitcool news and let the grown-ups talk, okay? You're a good kid. Thanks.

Easy Zee said...


Because they are all funny.

Bob Harper said...

Rocky and Bullwinkle
Original Ren and Stimpy
Invader Zim

The dialog is funny in of itself, with the choice of words and timing of the patter.

South Park
The Simpsons

For the construction of the jokes and the "trueness" that resonates from the characters.

Nicole said...

I dig Justice League (Unlimited or otherwise) because of the humor, heart and genuine nobility of the stories. The writers went places I never believed they'd be allowed to, and that was inspirational.

But Futurama similarly inhibits my bladder control, as a previous poster mentioned.

wurdhurlr said...

Yeah, I'm a Futurama fan
Family Guy (though it's heartless, it's still hilarious)
Simpsons when it's hitting (depresses me when it misses)
Invader Zim
Billy and Mandy has grown on me, sorta -- I think Grim and Mandy are fantastic characters.

demetrius fortson said...

two i haven't seen posted.


EL TIGRE (after first two episodes)-
freakin hilarious...freakin hilarious.

Easy Zee said...


It is the most sophisticated cartoon I can think of. The writing has so many levels to it. It can be enjoyed just for fun, or you can think more deeply about it.
For example, I like BLOO as a character. He is a real selfish asshole, and he gets into some very entertaining situations because of his attitude.
On a deeper level, he is MAC'S imaginary friend. MAC is a very sweet kid. So what does it say about Mac that he creates this jerk? I'm no psychology expert, but it makes for some great analysis.

cartooncrank said...

DR. KATZ had great words and made me laugh.

Anonymous said...


Evan said...

I'm not typically a fan of American Dad, but the "Stan of Arabia" two-parter was pretty damn good. Great writing - and great songwriting! There's lots of clips on YouTube in case anyone missed it.

Anonymous said...

The best written cartoons are the cartoons where you can't tell there was a writer at all.
That's very few these days.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck does that even mean? Who watches a cartoon and thinks, "this doesn't feel like it was written down".

jmh said...
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jmh said...

I may get some hate for this, but I find the dearly departed "Sealab 2021" to be absolutely hilarious.

And I deleted the previous post because I had carelessly forgotten a punctuation mark.

Isaac Marzioli - The Boring Penguin said...

Home Movies. There was a show that was well written and underanimated.

Invader Zim. Genius.

The Simpsons. I think it's ridiculous that people say it hasn't been funny in a long time. The reason why is that you probably haven't been watching in a long time. Sure it's had some misses - but it's been delivering consistantly for 18 years.

Anonymous said...

"what the fuck does that even mean? Who watches a cartoon and thinks, "this doesn't feel like it was written down"."

People who aren't writers.

Anonymous said...

"what the fuck does that even mean? Who watches a cartoon and thinks, "This doesn't feel like it was written down"."

People who aren't writers.

Now what the fuck does that mean? I’m pretty sure your IQ is -54. Even during the storyboard process things are written down. Ideas, concepts, character bios, ALL WRITTEN. You sir are a Fucking dumb shit!

Steve said...

Girls, you're both pretty.

Stop fighting.

And more to the point, somebody can feel free to post an essay about "a cartoon that feels like it wasn't written" if they so choose.

It's an open forum...

Anonymous said...

"Now what the fuck does that mean? I’m pretty sure your IQ is -54. Even during the storyboard process things are written down. Ideas, concepts, character bios, ALL WRITTEN. You sir are a Fucking dumb shit!"

How eloquent. You must write poetry in your spare time.
It means that a well written cartoon doesn't draw attention to itself and the viewer loses themself in the STORY and now how it was made or who made it.
Awfully defensive, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Spongebob Squarepants. The dialogue fits the characters perfectly. The characters seem to actually think before they speak. And what they speak arises from their personalities, not from a writer's overinflated "aren't-I-clever?" ego. SB is one of the few series that can honestly bear the title "animated comedy". There is nothing better, toon-wise, on television today. IMO, people who write dialogue for characters whose personalities have been deleted so that they are reduced to floating around spouting lame non-sequiters could take some lessons from Spongebob, and then, having acquired their education and learned their lesson, hopefully will then decide to earn their living doing something more suitable, such as sweeping up lawn clippings and manufacturing mulch.