Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Marmel:New Authors On The Blog

For those of you keeping track - other writers are now beginning to post, which is awesome.

New authors: If you want to put your screen name, or blog name, up before your post... I think it'd be cool for the readers to know where it's coming from (even though it is at the bottom of the post.)

Try to put labels on your posts - because that's the stuff that gets the word out. Since the below post DOESN'T have them, I'll add them to this.

And, thank god, WELCOME!

P.S. Somebody read this in Taipei? Seriously?


Matt Wayne said...

Cartoon writer Matt Wayne here. Not only is that Dora parody incredibly funny, it further muddies the John K. thing about writers. One of the artists in the credits, Ray Kosarin, is an old pal of mine. He has a degree in English from Princeton, so he's pretty verbal. And he's worked steadily in animation since the '80s, but only as an artist.

Steve said...


Shoot me your E-mail and I'll give you "author powers" on the 'blog.

- Steve